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Getting Started

Welcome to the Global Wellness Community and Ladies Leading Ladies. We are glad you are here. Here are some videos to get you set up and open for business. 


Back office tour

Welcome to your new Nikken back office. 


Enrolling a new consultant


enrolling a new customer


creating a shareable product link. 

It is very easy to create product links that will go directly to your Personal Webpage (PWP.) You can share these links via social media, email, text messages, and other messaging services. 


completing an order as a consultant


completing an order as a customer


The nikken share app

Use the NIKKEN Share App to accomplish essential business activities, manage your prospects, send samples, share media, and nurture your leads. 

You can download the NIKKEN share app from the Apple or Play stores on your cell phone. 

Balanced life, Happy life :)

It's time to balance things out and build the happy life you want and deserve! Tuesdays at 5:30 PM/PT, 8:30 PM/ET

Click the button to join the Zoom Meeting

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