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Marianne Kelchner

editor for LLL

Marianne has a B.A. in Mathematics and has had a career in software development and systems engineering in the fields of geophysics, aerospace, and simulation.  She has also been a co-owner with her husband, Bob, of a commercial business-to-business printing business.


There came a time when Bob and Marianne began thinking about an exit strategy from the printing business.  One of their clients had just joined Nikken and invited them to take a look.  The timing was just right.  Marianne was attracted to all of the products which offered natural solutions to being healthy.  They invested in their Wellness Home just before a Nikken International convention and were amazed by the warmth and energy of the other Nikken Wellness Consultants.


Marianne has now been a part of the Nikken Global Wellness Community for 13 years.