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Sue Gruber

I am Sue Gruber co-owner and CEO of Wellness & Wealth by Choice.  My husband and I became Nikken Wellness Consultants 14 years ago.  We were experiencing many health issues that we were beginning to worry about and wanted to stop the downward spiral.  After being introduced to Nikken we realized that taking responsibility for our own wellness made a measurable difference in our health trajectory.  Within a year my husband and I were feeling wonderful and we were determined to continue in a life of wellness moving forward.  Nikken provided the pathway.


I had been a nurse for 40+ years.  My experience was seeing society’s health in a downward trajectory.  That assured me job security, but it gave me no satisfaction as a caregiver.  I became passionate about empowering and educating others in discovering Wellness.  We began Wellness & Wealth by Choice as a venue to empower, educate and assist those interested to find the solutions to their wellness and/or income issues.


Discover your Wellness and your Wealth!  Be Healthy by Choice, not by Chance!