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Yoko Tsuye

Team Kaizen 2020

I’m Yoko from SoCal,.. a boomer from Corporate America, still having Tons of Fun contributing to Humans Being More… my Dream to leave the Next Generations (my kids, grandkids & more) values, integrity & teaming lessons is evolving through my Nikken journey. 

i started my career in the ’60s so I worked primarily with men.  I seldom saw women traveling while working for a fashion manufacturer in domestic & offshore production & operations. I pursued career changes & challenges in order to learn & expand my experience as an employment recruiter and later at a global advertising agency.  Corporate America is lonely but adds wearing different hats collaborating & interacting with employees along with clients, vendors & finance. 

I left CorpAmerica to help my parents sell their business to retire then lifestyle changes & sick care taught me new lessons caretaking & losing my uncle & parents. I was frustrated & exhausted pursuing wellness until my sister & I bought a Nikken Water & Sleep pack.  in a few months, my sister’s back felt comfy.  in a few months, i seemed hydrated & felt 10years younger… I was multi-tasking again! I had more energy throughout the entire day! 

I asked myself, WHY have I never heard of Nikken after reading the Wall St. Journal 40yrs. I had to checkout & learn who was Nikken! What I found was a unique business platform to share Nature’s Solutions with patented technology of Water, Air, Sleep, Nutrition & Energy (Nature’s energy). Of course, I joined to discover unlimited income growth with the Nikken Network platform plus residual & compound potential. 

I partner with Energetic, Enthusiastic Entrepreneurs… to share products & our business platform that anyone interested can pursue to learn, grow & expand.  We are sharing Life in more Balance with our Wellness-Home - Human Being More having a Healthy… Body, Mind, Family, Society &Finances for our next generations…  live2thrive, Yoko   email:  Live2thriveyo@yahoo.com @Live2ThriveBetter