Kimball Outdoor Headshot.png

Kimball Sargent

38 yrs. in Nursing

25 yrs. Nurse Psychotherapist in private practice

14 yrs. Nikken Gold

2020 Team Kaizen, Eagle Award

I was introduced to Nikken by an integrative internal medicine doctor, Dr. Allen Spanos who sent me to a massage therapist to get my products.  I had been told that I needed to apply for disability and Dr. Spanos thought the products could help me. I would have tried anything.  I was first attracted to the products and when I felt well in 6 weeks, I looked at the business because I am an entrepreneur.  It was sort of sad; I practically had to beg the massage therapist to get signed up.

I do believe that energy medicine and integrative practice is the best form of medicine because of the toxic world in which we live.   A wellness home gives a person the foundation to begin living well.  There are certainly other things that go with it but without a foundation, you cannot build a stable structure for being well. 


As far as a business opportunity, all other forms of business whether traditional or a franchise have one person at the top who squeezes all of those under them to make their greatest profit.  With collaborative entrepreneurship, you are only as successful as the number of people you teach to become successful.  I’ve been an entrepreneur for 32 years and I have never considered firing or laying myself off.  Being self-employed provides the most control of your life and opportunity for freedom there is.  Nikken is the best Opportunity in the world for health and wealth which when combined provide freedom.

I Believe…

A wellness home gives a person the foundation to begin living well.