Sherri Danzig

Sherri’s wellness journey began over 25 years ago as a neuromuscular therapist.  She was introduced to Nikken in a 3-way call with another massage therapist in November 1997.  Because of her desperation to find relief from debilitating back pain, she took a leap of faith and ordered a king-size mattress topper, as a result of the 3-way conversation!  Inspired by her own amazing product experience, she launched her Nikken business the following month.  Sherri has been married for 35 years to Ira and is the proud mother of 3 amazing daughters.  Her oldest, Rachel, is the recipient of the Watanabe Scholarship for all of her 4 years at Emory School of Medicine!

Sherri is a Platinum consultant and a 2018 and 2019 Team Kaizen member. 

Sherri has recently launched a speaking and training business as an expert on Sleep, Self-Care, Happiness, and Personal Empowerment.