Michele Kowalchuk

social media manager for LLL

Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario I now live in Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada. I am a wife of over 35 years, 3 grown children, and 10 grandchildren. My corporate background has been in accounting and banking where I won many awards for top performance; however, my happiest years were the many years as an Entrepreneur.  My husband spent over 37 years as a train engineer which meant he was away from home a lot, as our children were arriving and growing we decided for me to stay home to support and raise them.  I opened a home daycare and served the community with child care as well as providing our children the ability to be at home and also learn the social skills necessary to attend school with ease.  I was recognized as the top daycare in our area for many years.  Nikken came to me when I and our son were in most need of the technologies.  19 years ago, I decided to join the company to promote the philosophy, mission, and purpose as it fit so well with my own mission and purpose.   These entrepreneurial years are the times when I have had the most control of my life.  I absolutely LOVE BEING an Entrepreneur Woman, now more than ever creating global wellness communities!