Jeannie Zedan

Social Media Manager for LLL

My name is Jeannie Zedan and I live in Phoenix, Arizona, however, I am from Texas.  I have 4 brothers. I am married now for 28 years to Rick Zedan and we are professional pitchmen, showing our wares, mostly kitchen gadgets, at State Fairs around the country and at our local markets in the Phoenix area.

My Nikken Story is: It was at the Oregon State Fair where my Nikken journey began. Ricky and I had all sorts of repetitive use injuries from the demonstrating of kitchen gadgets over the years and I was “living on” ibuprofen, knowing that was NOT a good long term solution.  I was approaching 50 and wondering “how much longer can I continue doing this?” I love what I do, but ouch!

One of my customers introduced me to a product from Japan and asked if I would put it on and see what happens.  I said yes… worked for me within a couple of hours and I bought one!  Then she introduced me to the concept of Humans Being More and creating an environment in my home, much like a greenhouse for me and my family……… made so much sense to me that I decided I wanted to be a part of this wonderful company.  I jumped in and I love it!  I feel really good and I like that and I want people to have the same opportunity I have received.

Favorite Quote: Nikken products harness natural energies that help the body take care of itself and feel better! @WellnessandDreams