Dr. Mary Bowser, Ed.D.

I am a Nikken Platinum-level, Independent Consultant, and a semi-retired professor of Education and Director of Educator Licensure (31 years) at a private university, married 34 years to a radio/TV announcer, and the mother of two adult children.

I was introduced to Nikken products when I was trying to “have it all” as a working mom: exhausted, stressed-out, working 12-hour days outside the home, working to maintain family and home life, not sleeping well, and dealing with multiple physical issues by taking prescriptions and OTC medications, and living with the adverse side effects.


Thus, my first focus was on family health and wellness. The sleep systems, PiMag™ Water system, insoles, and magnetic necklace had immediate effects. We found that good sleep and being truly hydrated changed our lives and improved our health and we began to enjoy balanced family life again.


As I learned more about the Nikken Company, I realized that doing the business would make a wonderful investment income. As I moved up the ranks to Platinum, making the Watanabe Leadership team along the way, I was learning the business as I was earning money. We enjoyed the new tax benefits we gained from having a home business, as well as the improved health of our family.


With my educational background and new business interest, I quickly became aware of the fact Nikken had something that was missing from the typical corporate business environment. It was an atmosphere of collaboration, of helping one another, of balance in one's life and a way to add meaning to the lives of others – HUMANS BEING MORE - without any expectation of return. What a way to live!



Personal Mantra: Plan your work, work your plan and your plan will work for you!