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Ladies Leading Ladies (LLL) is curated, pre-recorded content that will give you the tools to nurture your growing business while developing strong Nikken Wellness Entrepreneurs.
Watch and share fun, informative content that will increase your Nikken product and

business knowledge.
LLL content will help you develop mindset-shifting tools that will enhance the rhythm of your business. Use this content to develop a savvy business strategy that incorporates

Nikken incentives.
Grow your team and contribute to our growing Global Wellness Community.

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Additional Resources

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Nikken Inc.
YouTube Channel

Great Resource for Nikken Corporate Videos

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Nikken Inc.
Digital Tools

Corporate Marketing Resource.

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The Royal Alliance

Even more great Nikken content to use and share. 

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With Julie Tara
Nikken Wellness

Find out what's ahead each month at Nikken, hear about products and their focus, listen to featured guests discuss their areas of expertise, and be inspired by the stories of new and veteran Nikken Consultants!

Listen Here: 

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Self Care Hub

Healthy by Choice, Not by Chance. Product resources.

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Core Consultant Newsletter

Team Nikken, We make it happen!

Weekly newsletter from Royal Diamonds Ben Woodward & Mike DiMuccio

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