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Welcome to the Ladies Leading Ladies (LLL) Speakeasy.
The LLL speakeasy is a monthly business social + training + fun half-hour every 2nd Tuesday of the month.
This month's feature is the Potential Performance Commission. Hosted by Marianne Kelchner.


June 8th, 6 PM/PT, 9 PM/ET

Passcode: Nikken1

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Ladies Leading Ladies (LLL) is curated, pre-recorded content that will give you the tools to nurture your growing business while developing strong Global Wellness Community leaders.
Watch and share fun, informative content that will increase your product and business knowledge.
LLL content will help you develop mindset shifting tools that will enhance the rhythm of your business. Use this content to develop a savvy business strategy that incorporates Nikken incentives.
Grow your tribe and contribute to our growing Global Wellness Community in the Ladies Leading Ladies Facebook Group. Click here to join.

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Training Content

The training content videos below are previously recorded and can be viewed on your own schedule.

Opening the door to the Wellness Home

Madeline Zaworski and

Michele Kowalchuk


Barb Satterwhite

The Vision and  

Setting Goals

Barbara Bertucci

Wellness Home Product Demonstrations

The Nikken


Pam Barnes, Sue Gruber,

Ruth Loh, Barb Satterwhite,

and Yoko Tsuye

Party Planning

Molly Simpson



Mary Bowser and 

Maggie McKee

Sue Gruber and 

Linda Morris


Training Content

The training content videos below are previously recorded and can be viewed on your own schedule.

Time Management and  

Organization Strategies

Mary Bowser, Sherri Danzig, & Kimball Sargent

Home Business Benefits and Taxes

Pam Barnes and Ruth Loh

Handling Rejection

Pam Barnes and Kimball Sargent



Heather Abbott, Sherri Danzig, 

and Sue Gruber

Using Your Phone for Mobile Business

Heather Abbott

Keeping Your Vibration Up

Sherri Danzig and Maggie McKee

Going Silver

Ruth Loh

Wellness Home Product Demonstrations

Sue Gruber and 

Linda Morris